I’m in Flagstaff, AZ for a few weeks. Beers?
I’m in Flagstaff, AZ for a few weeks. Beers? benzo.m.harris@gmail.com

On the road

April 11 I leave my job. April 12 I drive with a buddy from Portland, Maine to Flagstaff, Arizona. We’ll be stopping in St. Louis, Santa Fe, and probably a few other places en route.

After a few weeks of hashing and couchsurfing in Flag, I solo hitchhike/hike/bus/whatever through Utah (Moab, Salt Lake, etc) and eventually end up in Montana.

On June 25 I’ll begin walking west on the PNT. I should finish late August. Seattle & neighboring areas for a few days, then back to Maine for my friend’s wedding.

If you live along any of these routes and think drinking beers, eating fries, and snapping photes with me sounds agreeable, do reach out.

Probably won’t be updating this blog for the next couple months. Got some things scheduled, and expect sporadic road pix.

Fnord it!